Emeritus Professor of Food Science & Nutrition

Researcher, Teacher, and Consultant in Sterilization, Microbiology and Food Science

Instructor Photos

from the history of Pflug’s Microbiology and Engineering of Sterilization Processes Course

It has been a pleasure working with these instructors over the 40 year history of the M&E course, as they have helped us to enlighten students in the critical role of microorganisms in our society and the need for Microbial Control.

M&E course in Sweden: Dr. Pflug (left), Dr. Colin Soper (second from right), and others.
Dr. Kailash Purohit and Dr. Pflug in Lansing, MI.
Dr. Kailash Purohit, a course instructor.
Chris Evans, an M&E Course instructor.
Ann Nicholas (left) and Dr. Margarita Gomez, an M&E Course instructor.
Ann Nicholas in Lansing, MI lab, preparing for a course.
Ian Britt, an instructor at M&E Course in Valley Forge, PA. December 2005.
Mark Seybold of Baxter Industries and Dr. John Gillis, course instructors.