Emeritus Professor of Food Science & Nutrition

Researcher, Teacher, and Consultant in Sterilization, Microbiology and Food Science

We all must eat (consume food) to live. I believe that, to a great extent, we are what we eat. As I have grown older, I’ve become more and more convinced that the quantity and quality of the food I consume has a major effect on my general well being. In this section, I am going to insert: materials that I have collected, comments and essays I have written regarding my food intake.
Jim Stevens and Dr. Pflug in Virginia in 2005


A food scientist’s personal approach to food choice and health

As a lifetime teacher I believe in making my ideas available to family and students. On this page I’ve put items dealing with food and health that I have either written or collected. Hopefully these items will reflect how I look at the food picture. They are presented as information not as a recommendation of what you the reader should eat. What food we eat, and when and where we eat it and our personal thinking regarding food, is a choice each of us must make.

You must decide what your food intake will be

I have been interested in food as long as I can remember. There are many foods I like very much and there are other foods that I do not eat; these are my personal choices. I have many strong beliefs regarding food. We all must eat (consume food) to live.

In this section of the web site I am going to place comments and essays I have written regarding my stomach, my food intake, my philosophy of food and health, as well as adjunct materials I have collected. In the biological world (of which we are a part) our information is the result of experimentation in contrast to physics which has natural laws. Since we have no natural laws regarding food and health, our progress in understanding how food affects our bodies physiology, is very slow. Some other factors that affect our understanding are: we are all different, we make progress only through experimentation, it is difficult to assemble a cohort of replicate persons, and subject them to a long time controlled study. The result is that everyone is an authority, that if we have something to sell we can make fiction sound like facts when they appear on the TV.

Essays of Personal Opinions

Again, these are my personal approaches and opinions to Food Choice and Health, thank you, Dr. Irving J. Pflug
Dr. Irving J. Pflug